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The projected pathology of utopia carried by society today stems from a millenarian mindset as evidenced throughout history from altruistic coalitions and alliances embracing prophetic concerns during profound prime evolutionary processes and changes going forth.

These curious coalitions are frequently explained as merely opportunistic alliances, whereby certain groups make common cause with ideological opponents in pursuit of the shared sins of bringing down Western society. This explanation sure is only partly correct. What these various movements have in common goes much deeper: they are all utopian. Each in its own way wants to bring about the perfect society and to create a new man and world.

Each therefore thinks of itself as progressive; the supporters of each believe themselves to be warriors in the most noble of causes. The greens believe they will save the planet. The leftists believe they will create the brotherhood of man. The fascists believe they will purge mankind of corruption. And the Islamists believe they will create the Kingdom of God on earth.

What they all have in common however, is a totalitarian mindset in pursuit of the creation of their alternative realities. These are all worldviews that can accommodate no deviation and must therefore be imposed by coercion. Because their end product is a state of perfection, nothing can be allowed to stand in its way. This is itself a projected pathology. The belief that humanity can be shaped into a perfect form has long been the cause of the most vicious tyrannies on the planet from the French Revolution onwards. It draws towards a system that believes violence is necessary in order to destroy the old order so that utopia can arise from the ashes. Pretending to be attracted to “peace’ and in the name of “peace”, actually stands for the opposite. It needs to empathize with the “martyrs” and the downtrodden in order to vicariously validate the cause. The Third World, intrinsically noble since it is un-corrupted by the developed world, provides an apparently inexhaustible supply of such validation.

The mindset of the totalitarian true believer creates networks between groups that might be thought to have little in common. Anti capitalists, Islamists, greens and neo-fascists all build common ground between ostensible political opposites from the “far left” and “and right”. Both which are thus to reveal having deep similarities.

Indeed it is, and this left-wing character has roots in the history of fascism, which originally derived from the left. Not for nothing were the Nazis called the National Socialist Party.

Fascism was made possibly by way of thinking. It swept across Europe at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the first outcome of which was communism. Fascism was not some aberration; it was in keeping with the avant-garde and revolutionary trends in the wider European culture. Not only did it compete with Marxism for the allegiance of the masses, but its origins lay in a revision of Marxism. Whereas Marxism has opposed liberalism, which was in turn a revolt against clerical absolutism, fascism rejected both liberalism and Marxism to create a communal, anti-individualistic and antinationalist culture. Fascism wanted to rectify what it saw as the disastrous consequences of modernization: the atomization of society and alienation of the individual in a free market economy. Although it was eager to retain the benefits of technological progress, it rebelled against modernity insofar as modernity was associated with rationalism and the optimistic humanism of the eighteenth century. Fascism disdained both universalism and individualism, as well as human rights and equality.

The French Revolution held that society was made up of a collection of individuals. Fascism replaced this idea with a theory of the organic unity of the nation, which was perceived as an organism comparable to a sentient being. Absolute moral norms such as truth, justice and law existed only to serve the collective. Subconscious instinct, intuitive and irrational sentiment, emotion and enthusiasm were considered superior to rationality, which was said to deaden sensitivity. Just like communism, pre 1914 fascism attacked the existing system and aimed to destroy bourgeois culture and to reform the world by transforming the individual, it had fascination for a lot of idealistic young people. In addition to a political revolution, fascism sought to bring about a moral revolution, a profound transformation of the human spirit. A desire to create a new type of man.

The association of fascism with anti-Semitism also found echoes in communism. Despite being born into a Jewish family, Marx, who was raised as a Lutheran, was committed to hating his own race and wanted to create a new world order through society’s renunciation of Judaism altogether through the creation of a “new man”.. His letters contain dozens of derogatory references to that effect.

The progression from communism to fascism in the creation of this new world order was bridged by thinkers whose impact on our modern age cannot be overestimated. Mussolini understood both the importance of communism and the significance as indicated by how Marx’s belief that society had to be destroyed in order to build a new one. Indeed, Mussolini described socialism as “the greatest act of negation and destruction. His own followers were the new barbarians as he declared, and like all barbarians, they were the harbingers of a new civilization. Mussolini believed that while the proletariat would not bring about Marx’s socialist utopia, the revolt by the a “superman” would destroy bourgeois institutions. Thus fascism was born.

Since both fascism and communism ere joined at the hip, as it were, in seeking to create utopia, both gathered a significant following among the Western avant-garde of the early twentieth century, who thought themselves as progressive thinkers.

In the nineteenth century, the progressive intelligentsia had bestowed the “enlightened” label on a body of thought that was to feed directly into communism and later into the obscenity of the Nazi killing machine. Indeed, after reading Darwin’s Origin of Species, Marx called it “the book that contains the foundation in natural history” for his views. The thinking that led Darwin to formulate this theory of evolution contributed not only to Marxism, but also to fascism, by way of “social Darwinism” and its offshoot in eugenics, which were the orthodoxy among progressive thinkers.

These roots of social Darwinism and eugenics lay in the ideas of eighteenth century economist thinkers who had argued that the world’s human population would increase faster than the food supply unless checked by restraints such as war, famine or disease. The resulting thought was that most people should die without reproducing. Darwin admitted that his own ideas were an extension of such thought to the natural world; in turn, intellectuals developed the thinking of this Darwinian thought process into social Darwinism.  (Darwinism & Freud – The two most despicable ‘rubber stamps’ ever perpetuated upon mankind.)  PERIOD!  *and I am NOT speaking of Scientology either.

Applying this theory of evolution to the organization of human society, social Darwinism represented progress as a kind of ladder on which humanity could climb towards perfection. This meant that the “unfit” or lesser breeds of humanity had to be discarded on the way up. Thus eugenics, the “science of selective breeding, came into being. In Victorian and Edwardian Britain, the main targets of eugenic thinking were the poor, whom the intelligentsia regarded as over breeding throwbacks to an earlier stage of evolution. There was a fear that those higher up the evolutionary ladder would be overwhelmed by lesser forms of human life. The concept of the inherent value of every individual life was therefore seen as a sentimental block to the progress of humanity.  Eugenics was therefore seen as a vital tool of social progress.  Early socialists were imbued with eugenic thinking.

It would not be until the full horror of Nazism became apparent, with its extermination programs against mental defectives and other issues, that both eugenics and fascism finally became discredited. Before then however, fascism did not just appeal to convinced masses, but garnered and imbued a large following among intellectuals in the humanities from a variety of political positions. Eugenics was seen as a vital tool of social progress among early socialists This change of thinking from one major train of thought and mainstream to a complete other line of thinking was however, would eventually come to an end.

This shift in thought process is to be duly noted too. For it is this very thought process that has fooled many. It is also this thought process that has many in the masses, if not the complete masses themselves, in a belief of complete and utter truth that for a time, was self evident, only to be toppled like a house of cards with the forthcoming of the real truth. A fine example is when the world truth was that the world was flat and with an edge to it, only to be discovered that it was round. The greatest political, religious and scientific minds of the time professed flatness as the absolute truth and all went along with it, just because these great minds of the time said it was so. Until that is, it was proven incorrect. This, as it is called, is a paradigm shift, and it happens throughout history and will continue to happen in the future, regardless of who wishes to believe in it.

Now here begins the bite. Perhaps the most striking continuation of fascist ideas under the guise of left wing progressive thinking lies in the modern environmental movement, with its desire to call a halt to dehumanizing modernity and return to an organic harmony with the natural world. While all this is fine and dandy, it’s not what it outwardly appears at first.

Veneration of nature and the corresponding belief that civilization corrupts man’s innate capacity for happiness and freedom go back to the eighteenth century. That world of enlightenment and reason led to movements of the left and right. The idealizing of nature, along with the theory of human evolution through survival of the fittest which predated Darwin by a hundred years, became the galvanizing force in that century among some of the most progressive thinkers of the time. And one of the principal routes taken was through the natural world.

In the mid nineteenth century, Darwinism was sowing the seeds of environmentalism, and in so doing, fed into fascism. During the interwar period, most ecological thinkers subscribed to this way of thinking. There was a particularly close association between ecologists and German nationalists, among whom a number subsequently became part of the Nazis organization. Their thinking was that nature was the life force from which Germany had been cut off, ever since the days of the Roman Empire, by the alien Christian-Judaic civilization, the source of all the anti life manifestations of urbanism.

Such ecological fixations were further developed in German Nazism. They fixated on organic food, personal health and animal welfare. Heinrich Himmler was a certified animal rights activist and an aggressive promoter of “natural healing”. Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, championed homeopathy and herbal remedies; Hitler wanted to turn the entire nation vegetarian as a response to the unhealthiness promoted by capitalism. There was top level Nazi support for ecological ideas at both ministerial and administrative levels. Even those in power within the regime professed embedding motorways organically into the landscape. They professed against land reclamation and drainage; said that classical scientific farming was a nineteenth century practice unsuited to the new era and that artificial fertilizers, fodder and insecticides were poisonous, while calling for an agricultural revolution towards a more peasant like, natural, simple method of farming independent of capital. Himmler himself established experimental organic farms including one at Dachau that grew herbs for SS medicines; a complete list of homeopathic doctors in Germany was compiled for him; and antivivisection laws were passed on his insistence. SS training included a respect for animal life of near Buddhist proportions. They did not however, show such respect of course, for the human race.

Neither does the ecological movement, for which, echoing the planet’s biggest problem is the people living on it. Even though our contemporary era has been forged in a determination that fascism must never rise again, certain sums of these ideas that were central to fascism, about the organic harmony of the earth, the elevation of animal rights and the denigration of humans as enemies of nature, are today very much present and heralded as the acme of progressive thinking, but under the guise of progressive thought and much to the bewilderment and unknowingness of current society.

An astonishing repackaging of this ideal was accomplished during the 1970’s. While Western politicians were committed to growth and a consumer society was taking off, the dread of overpopulation also grew. It is probably no coincidence that the fear of global immiseration coincided with the end of empire and the West’s loss of control over the developing world. Reports from the UN World Conference on Human Environment in 1972 preached imminent doom as a result of rising technological capacity and argued that man had to replace family or national loyalties with allegiance to the planet. The Club of Rome, which was founded also in 1972, prophesized imminent global catastrophe unless resource use was curbed, a view that the oil shock of 1973 served to further validate and embed in Western consciousness.

If ecology was to take off however, it had to shed altogether its unhappy links with fascism, racial extermination and ultra nationalism. It took a number of different opportunities to do so. During the 1960’s in both Europe and North America, it identified itself with radical left wing causes, latching on ‘alternative’ politics such as feminism and, in Britain, Celtic nationalism. In the 1970’s, it was the “small is beautiful” idea of the anti Nazi émigré that took hold.

In 1971, the president of the Soil Association in Britain, which was critical in both promoting deeply antirational ecological ideas and laundering them as fashionably progressive, which eschewed artificial fertilizers and promoted self sufficient farms as preserving the spirit of the soil. When the Soil Association was created in 1946, it embodied this ‘organic farming’ ideal. But this president of the association was also the founder of a movement called anthroposophy, which was based on the development of a non sensory or so called super sensory consciousness. It held that early stages of human evolution possessed an intuitive perception of reality, including the power of clairvoyance, which had been lost under the increasing reliance on intellect. It promoted the belief that the human being passed between stages of existence, incarnating into an earthly body, living on earth, leaving the body and entering into the spiritual domain before returning to be born again into a new life.

These essentially pagan and irrational ideas were, as we shall see later, intrinsic to ecological thinking. But they were also to surface in a remarkable new alliance between neo-Nazi doctrines and radical left wing, anti capitalist and New Age ideas. Toward the end of the 1960’s, finding itself criticized for espousing reactionary views, the Soil Association turned sharply leftwards and developed an egalitarian socio economic perspective instead. It published articles admiring Mao’s communes in China and suggested that plots of land a few acres in size should be distributed similarly among the British population.

In Germany, the green movement that emerged from the student protests of 1968 bitterly attacked the biodynamic organic farmers for their perceived authoritarianism and social Darwinist beliefs. Thus, German Greens of the 1970’s, with a considerable communist element, had less to do with ecology than with participatory democracy, egalitarianism and women’s rights.

Among radicals in America, there was a split after 1968 between those favoring organized terrorism and alternative groups. Young radicals in the latter camp, galvanized by outside inspiration, claimed that multinational capitalism was responsible for pollution. Environmental concerns offered up a radicalism for the middle classes.

The result of all this ferment was that the green movement became not just radical but radically incoherent. It became the umbrella for a range of alternative, anti Western causes and lifestyles. But its constant factor was a strongly primitive, pagan and irrational element. This new paganism, often based on Atlantean theories of a lost golden age and theories of cultural diffusion via a vanished super race, is open to all and especially attractive to the semi educated, semi rational product of today’s de naturing educational process, stripped of religion, reason, tradition and even true history.

Despite a veneer of fashionable progressivism, the fact is that environmentalism’s fundamental opposition to modernity propels it straight into the arms of neo fascism. For just like their precursors in the twenties and thirties, today’s ultranationalist and neo Nazi groups chime with many of the ideas that also foster and march under the green banner. In France, Italy and Belgium, the Nouvelle Droite combined Hellenic paganism with support for the dissolution of national boundaries; it was anti capitalist and anti American, adopting socio biological arguments to stress the uniqueness of each race and culture within national boundaries and to oppose colonization and empire. In Germany, the radical right journal was pacifist and ecological. Such groups met the left on the common ground of New Age paganism, expressed in particular through the religions and cultures of the East.

From the 1970’s onwards, neo fascist extremists began to repackage the old ideology of Aryan racism, elitism and force in new cultic guises involving esotericism and Eastern religions. Some groups mixed racism with Nordic pagan religions, celebrating magical signs of ancestral heritage and mystical blood loyalty. In the United States, Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, racial pagan groups today ponder runes, magic and the sinister mythology of the Norse gods. Like the Nazis, these groups resort to the pagan world to express their antipathy to any extraneous organisms that disturb their idea of racial or national purity. The very fact that the racial interpretation of these esoteric ideas, cosmologies and prophecies betrays them overwhelmingly, causing great anxiety about the future of specific identities in multiracial societies.

To those accustomed to thinking of New Agers as vegetarian, pacifist tree huggers, such connections may come as something of a surprise. Nature worship, paganism and organic mysticism were all closely associated with Nazism and anti Semitism through prewar German thinking. This will help to explain how New Age turned from a left liberal movement to a fascist style of paganism.

The apocalyptic revivalism of neo fascism corresponds precisely to the agenda of radical Islamism. Because Islamism is a form of revolutionary utopianism, it marches along side the left. But as a revolt against liberalism and modernity, it is closely allied with both communism and fascism. That is because just like these two secular Western movements which also led to fanaticism, terror and mass murder, Islamism repudiates modernity and reason in the interests of creating a perfect world. And so, ironically, considering it believes itself to be a hermetically sealed thought system owing its influence only to God, Islamism has drawn heavily upon and formed alliances with communism and fascism, both represent=ting a heretical world it despises and aims to destroy.

The common interest with communism was first made evident when the Muslims of the Russian Empire were conscripted into the Red Army. During the first session, the president of the International called in his speech five times for holy war against the British and French, colonialists and the rich in general. Thus the Bolshevik jihad was launched against the common enemy, the materialist West, in the mountains of Afghanistan and elsewhere that the Russians faced the forces of imperialism.

The Muslims found much in common with communism. Not only did they have a common enemy, but they shared a utopian vision for transforming the world by negating all distinctions between peoples. Like Communism, Islam rejects narrow nationalism. Islam is international and recognizes only the brotherhood and unity of nations under the unity of Islam only.

There is a eerie similarity between the Marxist-Leninist and Islamic outlooks in both their Orwellian inversion of aggression and self defense it needs to duly be noted here. For Communism, aggression was specific to class society while the Soviet Union was by definition peaceful. Likewise, Islamic thinkers hold that Islam represents peace on earth and so anything un Islamic must trouble the peace by its very existence. As a corollary, since neither the Soviet Union nor the Islamic world could be guilty of aggression, any terror committed by either was by definition self defense, while self defense by the outside world was considered an act of aggression.

Like Nazism, Islam promotes a subordination of the individual to the collective, celebration of the leadership principle, hostility to liberal democracy and to capitalism, male supremacy, sexual repression and glorification of death in the war with unbelievers. It was therefore not surprising that Arab nationalism in Palestine, Syria and Iraq during the 1930’s modeled itself on Italian and German fascism.

There is even more striking correspondences between fascism and Islamism. The idea of using suicide pilots to destroy the skyscrapers of Manhattan originated in Nazi Germany. Nazis planned to fly explosive crammed light aircraft without landing gear into Manhattan skyscrapers. Hitler was in a delirium of rapture at this thought of seeing New York going down in towers of flame. He described the skyscrapers turning into huge burning torches and falling, reflecting a disintegration of the city in the dark sky. Hitler wanted to kill in order to liberate mankind, or more precisely, Wall Street. From there, his insidious threads radiated across the entire world.

To this day, Western Islamists continue to draw upon neo fascism. Since 2000, the Muslim Association of Britain and the General Union of Palestinian Students have both published the so called Franklin Prophecy, which is an anti-Semitic hoax manufactured by the American Nazi movement and first published in full publication February 1934. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee has used its website to reproduce material taken from these sites while the pro Hamas Palestine Times has promoted work by an author who is a revisionist historian and whose website has links to Holocaust denial material.

As can not be emphasized too strongly, the reason for these otherwise bewildering alliances between groups that appear to be mortal enemies ideologically, left wingers and fascists, Islamists and greens all harbor a utopian vision of perfecting the world.

Prominent Islamist Abul ala Maududi wrote that Islam is not the name of a mere religion, nor is Muslim the title of a nation. The truth is that Islam is a revolutionary ideology which seeks to alter the social order of the entire world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals.

The unsettling fact is that it is both plausible and possible for bad deeds to be done for the highest of ideals. That is a very frightening thought. Those wanting to bring about the perfect society see no higher ideal than that. Ever since the French Revolution, all such impossible agendas have led straight to persecution, tyranny and totalitarianism. To the French Terror, or the gulags of Russia, to Auschwitz and to the use of children as human bombs; yet the true believers in each case believed they acted from the highest of motives.

The Islamists committing mass murder in New York’s Twin Towers or a Jerusalem café really do believe they are fighting for justice and to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.; The communists and the fascists really did think they were ending, respectively, the oppression and corruption of mankind. The environmentalists really do think they are saving the planet from extinction. The radical left really do think they will erase prejudice from the human heart and suffering from the world. And those who want Israel no longer to exist as a Jewish state really do believe that as a result, they will turn suicide bomb belts into cucumber farmers and that they are moving in the way that history intended.; All very frightening thoughts indeed.

That is why those who promulgate hatred are generally to be found among the high minded, since they are devoted to the most lofty and admirable of ideals. That is why lies about global warming or irrationality about the defense of the West against Islamism are associated with the intelligentsia. That is why those with the most highly developed faculty of reason so often end up promoting the most diabolical of agendas.

But there is yet another factor linking these various ideologies of Islamism, environmentalism, Darwinism, ant capitalism and anti Zionism. In their very different ways and in very different contexts, they all attempt to address a spiritual emptiness in the human condition, and that gives them a further common characteristic that moves them away from the sphere of reason altogether, and into the province of self belief.

This may come as a surprise to some, but we are currently living through a millenarian age in the West.

Millenarianism is a religious belief in the perfectibility of mankind and life on earth. It is a doctrine of collective and total salvation that derives from the belief of some Christians in the ‘end times’ or ‘last days’ based on the Book of Revelation (20:4-6) According to these verses, after the Second Coming, Christ will establish a messianic kingdom on earth and reign for a thousand years before the Last Judgment. This belief in turn is rooted in Wrath, followed by the resurrection of the righteous in Israel. Millenarianism came to mean any belief that the struggle between the forces of good and evil would climax in a triumph of the good, when injustice and oppression would end and its perpetrators be punished.

Historically, millenarianism became a way of coping with large scale disasters, and it surfaced in highly charged periods of change and stress. In the Middle Ages, it flourished among marginalized people against the background of natural disasters such as famine or plague, particularly the Black Death, when millenarian exaltation and unrest were whipped up by would be prophets and false messiahs. The desire of the poor to improve their lives was transfused with fantasies of a world reborn into innocence through a final apocalyptic massacre. Extermination of certain groups was to be inevitable after which the righteous would prevail, establishing a world without suffering or sin.

In our present era, we are enduring the effects of the paradigmatic millenarian creed of Islam. Its central precept is the need to establish Islam as God’s kingdom on earth. Only when Islam rules everywhere, will the world be brought into a state of perfect justice and peace. This millenarian myth accepted by pious Muslims in every epoch is that an Expected Delivered call the Mahdi will make his appearance at the end of time, followed at the Day of Judgment by the Antichrist, who will then be killed, and thus the Kingdom of God will arrive on earth. Among Shia Muslims, the Mahdi is an even more central figure known as the Hidden Iman, whose expected return is to be the backbone of faith. His reappearance will be preceded by a long period of chaos and degeneracy, accelerating until evil, falsehood and wickedness dominate earth. The disintegration iis to be complete and universal and will be characterized by political unrest, immorality, falsehood and a total disregard for the principles of religion.

Islam in its radical manifestations is also apocalyptic, holding that this disintegration describes precisely the condition of the world today, and that the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth is imminent.

At the heart of Islam is the belief that it embodies the absolute and unchallengeable (note the word unchallengeable here) truth. Unlike Judaism and Christianity, which teach that divine intentions are revealed through a historical process of interrogation and discovery, Islam holds that sacred doctrines were fixed in time by Mohammed, with no further development possible. Ever since Islamic advocates of reason were defeated in a seminal battle in the thirteenth century, the belief in a fixed and unchallengeable truth has made the dominant strains of Islamic theology inimical to rationality and to freedom. It has also made inescapable the view that everything else is unreasonable and tyrannical.
Building on the belief that Islam is perfection, radical Islamists are the ‘elect’, a small core of the righteous whose superior knowledge of this perfection is absolute and cannot be challenged. Hence the Islamist ideologue of, We must create out of nothing a minority of pure upright and educated men. There must exist an upright community, devoted to the principle of truth, and whose sole goal in this world is to establish, safeguard and realize correctly the system of Truth. Very, very scary indeed.

In an Orwellian inversion, the tyrannical imposition of Islam upon the world is viewed as its liberation. Just as Lenin believed, whatever fosters the revolution is good; whatever hinders it is bad. In the millenarian and totalitarian mindset, there is never any middle ground; and truth and reason are turned upside down to fit their mannerisms of thinking.

Now on to the bitter pill to swallow.

There is an assumption that Western society since the Enlightenment has embodied a belief in the power of reason, which acts as a kind of inoculation against the virus of religious obscurantism that characterized life in medieval Europe and is so obviously on display in the Islamic world today. But in fact, the Enlightenment served in part to secularize millenarian fantasies. A key idea of certain Enlightenment thinkers was that reason would bring about perfection on earth and that ‘progress’ was the process by which utopia would be attained. A view satirized by Voltaire and held by Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift.

According to the editor of Encyclopedic, the bible of Enlightenment humanism, No bounds have been fixed to the improvement of the human race. The perfectibility of man is absolutely infinite. This idea was further developed in the nineteenth century and espoused by the apostle of social Darwinism, Herbert Spencer, who believed that life would get better all the time. “Progress is not an accident but a necessity” he wrote. “Surely must evil and immorality disappear; surely must man become perfect.”

It was reason that would redeem religious superstition and bring about the Kingdom of Man on earth. This idea infused the three great secular tyrannical movements that were spun out of Enlightenment thinking: the French Revolution, communism and fascism. For the French Revolutionaries, the millennial hope lay not in scripture, but in theories of freedom and the general will as expressed by the liberated voice of the people. The Committee of Public Safety abolished the worship of God on November 10, 1793 and substituted for it the Cult of Reason. At its core and at the same time, this committee of twelve men summarily executed thousands of people, from aristocrats, no matter how innocent, to internal dissenters, no matter how loyal. Terrors which ended only after the two masterminds were finally executed.

What I am trying to point out here is that many things spoon fed to us, especially in this day of technology being able to disseminate communications, from the news media to the government, to big business to the plethora of ‘ism’ movements on the march today, we as individuals HAVE to THINK for ourselves rather than letting these other entities do that for us. That doesn’t mean being psychotic, but it doesn’t mean being manipulated and told what to think, what is truth and so forth. We are quickly loosing our ability to truly be free, and to truly be free is to truly be mentally un manipulative and be able to stand on our own feet and think independent of outside influences, especially those with power and money over the many of us.

And so with that said, I press on with these thoughts.

Secular millenarian impulses did not stop at communism and fascism, but today infuse the progressive mind. From multiculturalism to environmentalism to post nationalism, Western progressives have fixated on unattainable abstractions from the venerable realization of utopia. The world of every day reality is rejected. All that matters is the theoretical future that is perfect and just, without war or want or prejudice. A future where fallen humanity has returned to Eden. And since that future is perfect, the idea of it may not be changed or challenged in any way. Which is why the progressive mind, in pursuit of the utopia where reason and liberty rule, is very firmly closed.

In that respect, an intriguing and immerging comparison can be made between sexual libertarians of today and the fourteenth century European sect known as the Heresy of the Free Spirit. Thye were Gnostics, believing they possessed perfect knowledge. Strictly speaking, Gnostics are not true millenarians since they anticipate a state of perfection beyond this world but rather than within it. Nevertheless, as the Free Sprits, intent on their own individual salvation, played a significant part in the revolutionary millenarian ferment of the Middle Ages. And the similarities with today’s ‘free spirits’ are striking.
Adherents of the fourteenth century sect believed they had attained a perfection so absolute that they were incapable of sin. Thus they repudiated moral norms, particularly with those pertaining to sexual behavior.

Indeed, since these adoptions were permissible of what was previously forbidden has progressed way beyond free love into such formerly transgressive areas as illegitimacy, homosexuality and sadomasochism. This trend has been driven by the ‘elect’ of the intelligentsia who, like the Free Spirits of the Middle Ages, regard themselves as the embodiment of absolute virtue. It is a delicious irony that such peop0le, who consider themselves to be at the cutting edge of modernity, reflect in certain respects such a widely irrational, obscurantist medieval Christian sect.

The very condition of the modern world provides emotional rocket fuel for the belief that it can and must be transformed. Anomie, the state of radical footlessness caused by the snapping of attachments in a post religious age that leaves people without meaning or purpose in their lives, can find its antidote in apocalyptic beliefs that galvanize people and make them feel alive. Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance. A mass movement offers them unlimited opportunities for both.

The mass movements of today are not so much political as cultural: anti imperialism and anti Americanism, anti Zionism, environmentalism, scientism, egalitarianism, libertinism and multiculturalism. These are not merely quasi religious movements, evangelical, dogmatic and fanatical, with enforcement mechanisms ranging from demonization through ostracism to expulsion of heretics. They are also millenarian and even apocalyptic in their visions of the perfect society and what needs to be swept aside in order to attain it. Even if, while embodying certain characteristics of medieval heretics, they simultaneously embody the authoritarianism of the persecutors of those heretics in the medieval church.

Their view of the human condition is essentially one of sin and redemption. They name the crimes committed by humanity. Oppression of Third World peoples, despoliation of nature, bigotry, war, and offer redemption and salvation by a returning to the true faith and path. Dissenters are heretics forming diabolical conspiracies against the one reveled truth. It is believed that the decision to invade Iraq, Israel’s military operations, manmade global warming and the persistence of religious faith cannot possibly have any reasonable basis because they deny the unchallengeable truths of anti imperialism, environmentalism and scientific materialism, and so the explanations must lie in conspiracies by the neocons, Big Oil or creationists, whose various hidden hands and agenda are detected everywhere.

The left wing intelligentsia, the environmentalists and the Darwinists are today’s Gnostics; their knowledge of a higher truth puts them on a plane above the rest of humanity, who have to be exhorted to change their ways in order to be saved from themselves.

The environmentalists, through their scientific credentials, possess exclusive access to the truth that the planet is being destroyed. They preach that the earth has been sinned against by capitalism, consumerism, the West, science, technology, mankind itself. Only when these are purged and economic materialism is rejected will the earth be saved and the innate harmony of the world be restored; otherwise we will descend into the hell of a drowned and parched planet where the remains of the human race battle it out for the few remaining resources.

The language and imagery conjure up a secular witch hunt. In a similar vein, the atheist evangelists assert that all must comply with their pronouncements on pain of excommunication from the realm of rationality.

The crucial element in all millenarian movements is the reaction that sets in when the prophecy of utopia fails, which of course it has done every time throughout human history. The inevitable outcome is that the disappointment turns ugly. Adherents of the cult create scapegoats upon whom they turn with a ferocity fueled by disorientation, anger and shame, in an attempt to bring about by coercion the state of purity that the designated culprits have purportedly thwarted.

When the classless utopia failed to materialize in the Soviet Union, Stalin murdered dissidents and sent them to the gulag. When Germany failed to achieve its apparently rightful place as the paradigm country in Europe, Hitler committed genocide. When Mao failed to bring about universal justice and the Confucian ideal of harmony, he killed, jailed or otherwise terrorized millions of Chinese.

In current times, the failure of the environmental vision of spiritual oneness between man and nature has seen mankind blamed for despoiling the planet and imperiling the survival of life on earth. The failure to arrive at a perfect state of reason in which all injustice and suffering are ended has been blamed on religious believers. The failure of the apparatus of international law and human rights to prevent war and tyranny has been blamed on America. And the failure of the existence of Israel to bring about the end of the Jewish problem has been blamed on the Jews themselves.

Having identified scapegoats upon whom they can project their anger and shame, disappointed millenarians have tried to carve out their perfect agenda and society through coercive measures against the people they hold responsible for the failure of their vision(s).

In our own time, the left forces people to be free in a myriad of different ways. In Britain, left wing totalitarianism wears the pained smile of ‘good conscience’ as it sends in the police to enforce ‘hate crime’ laws, drags children from their grandparents to place them for adoption with gay couples, or sacks a Christian nurse for offering to pray for her patient. In America, school textbooks are censored by ‘bias and sensitivity’ reviewers who remove a reference to patchwork quilting by women on the western frontier in the mid nineteenth century (stereotyping of females as soft and submissive), an account of a heroic young blind mountain climber (bias in favor of those living in hiking and mountain climbing areas but against the blind), and a tale about growing up in ancient Egypt (elitist references to wealthy families)

Some would call this a form of tyranny; but to the progressive mind, tyranny occurs only when their utopia is denied. Virtue thus has to be coerced for the good of the people at the receiving end. There can be no doubt that it is virtue, because progressivism is all about creating the perfect society and is therefore inherently and incontestably and inexorably virtuous; and so, like the Committee of Public Safety, like Stalinism, like Islam, it is all incapable of doing anything bad. Unlike everyone else, of course, who it follows can do nothing but bad.

Progressives feel justified in trying to instill and stifle any disagreement with their agenda on the grounds that the people they are trying to stifle are ‘fascists’, a term employed without irony. A sense of humor is not known to be a millenarian trait. Never engaging with the actual arguments of their opponents, they demonize them instead through gratuitous insults designed to turn them into pariahs while they themselves characterize all reasoned arguments against them as outrageous insults. Dissent is labeled as pathological, homophobic, xenophobic, Islam phobic, with phobia, or irrational fear, used as a synonym for prejudice. There are even outright accusations of insanity, a weapon used by totalitarian movements from the medieval Catholic Church to the Jacobins to Stalin’s secret police.

Calling today’s conservatives ‘fascists’ is particularly absurd since such people tend to believe in limiting state power and giving more freedom to the individual, a position that shades off into libertarianism. Nevertheless, leftists see the alternative to themselves as ‘fascist’ by definition. So the more that conservatives believe government should be limited and the more freedom they want for individuals, the more ‘fascist’ they become in the eyes of the left.

Even more fundamental is the trap that is sprung over the issue of truth. Any fact that challenges the world view of the left is ignored, denied or placated or explained away, because to admit even a scintilla of such truth would bring the entire utopian house of cards crashing down and with it the left winger’s whole moral and political identity. That’s why progressives refused to acknowledge the French Error, Stalin’s gulags or the millions dead under Mao; that’s why today they refuse to acknowledge black racism, Arab rejectionism of Israel or the fact that the climate was warmer a thousand years ago. But here’s what follows from this denial: Anyone who objects to the falsehoods of the left and points out the truth must be right winged, and thus ‘fascist’. In this way, truth itself is demonized and the bigger the truth that is told, the more demonized the teller becomes.

These ideals are held in the belief that at the heart of the ideological true believer invariably lay a deep self contempt, which was transmuted into hatred of others, since mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without belief in a devil. In other words, it is essential for the true believer to have someone or something to hate. The believer is defined in large measure by what he or she is not. Positions are then taken not necessarily because they are so believable, but principally because the alternative is so unthinkable.

This particularly evidence among scientific materialists, who are driven to take manifestly ridiculous positions simply because the alternative, belief in God, is unacceptable. Scientists sometimes put forward absurd theories purely to prevent the ‘Divine Foot in the door’. They cannot tolerate the slightest possibility of a metaphysical explanation. Such an approach betrays the most basic principle of scientific inquiry; that you always go where the evidence leads. Instead, it makes evidence dependent on a prior idea, in the manner of dogmatic ideology.

Surely this betrayal of science has occurred because scientism, or scientific materialism, is an ideology whose goal is not to gain knowledge and truth, but to suppress knowledge and truth if these threaten its governing idea(s). The priority is to safeguard the materialist world view in the teeth of any evidence to the contrary and thus maintain with it the prestige of science as the source of all the knowledge in the world. Defenders of this idea must preclude opposing points of view, for materialism is a closed thought system which cannot be challenged. Anything outside it is deemed non science and relegated to the status of fantasy. Any true scientific challenge to materialism is labeled ‘bad’ science, and therefore skeptics can be dismissed as not understanding ‘how science works’.

Gnostics take it a step further. They don’t only dismiss opponents’ arguments; they maintain that such opponents could not possibly have meant what was said. Their own Gnostic infallibility apparently means that he alone knows what was really in someone’s mind. Confronted by the fact that many scientists are religious believers, they dismiss most of the beliefs as not really religious except in terms of Einstein’s professed religious sensibilities, which says weren’t really religious belief at all, but rather claims of having to scrape the barrel in order to find genuinely distinguished modern scientists were truly religious. Really? Well then, how about Francis Collins, who heads the Human Gehome Project; or the botanist and former director of Kew Gardens, Sir Ghillean Prance; or the physicist Allan Sandage, considered to be the father of modern astronomy; or the Nobel Prize winning physicists William Phillips and Arno Penzias, all of whom are fervent religious believers?

Materialists set up an absolute dichotomy between science and religion, which are presented as engaged in a battle unto death; reason versus faith, good versus evil. Any scientist who accepts the integrity of religious arguments or any religious believer who accepts evolution is therefore deemed not to be telling the truth. So when the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote in his book Rocks of Ages that Darwinism was compatible with both religion and atheism because science and religion were non overlapping magisterial, dealing respectively with empiricism and questions of ultimate meaning. Gnostics have decried that Gould could possibly have meant much of what he wrote in Rocks of Ages. And after Pope John Paul II said in 1996 that he supported the general idea of biological evolution while entering reservations about certain interpretations of it, it was said that the pope’s response was simply that he was a hypocrite and that he could not be genuine about science.

A Gnostic knows that reprehensible behavior can by definition be practiced only by others, but never him or herself.

For the millenarian, the high minded belief in creating a perfect world requires the imperfect world to be purified by the true believers. From the Committee of Public Safety to Iran’s morals police, from Stalin’s purges of dissidents to British and American hate crime laws, utopians of every stripe have instigated coercive or tyrannical regimes to save the world by riddling it of its perceived corruption. Again, saving the ignorant from themselves.

The symmetry today is as obvious as the paradox. At a time when radical Islam is attempting to purify the world by conquering it for Islam and thus creating the Kingdom of God on earth, the West is also trying to purify the world in order to create a secular utopia in which war will become a thing of the past, hatred and selfishness will be eradicated from the human heart, reason will replace superstition, humanity will live in harmony with the earth and all division will yield to the brotherhood of mankind. The paradox here however is that, while it might be thought that the liberal West is trying to eradicate the kind of hatred and killing that radical Islam brings in its wake, the drive to purify inevitable results not in harmony but in strife.

But there is a further curiosity. That in doing so, the secular West is not merely adopting a quasi religious posture, but a specifically Christian one. The governing story of Islam is the imposition of its doctrines through conquest and submission. Accordingly, it is today attempting to fashion its utopia through conquest and submission. The governing story of Christianity by contrast, is of sin, guilt and redemption. And remarkably, that is precisely the pattern lying behind the Utopian agendas of Western secular progressives, even though by severing these concepts from their transcendent Christian context, they have perverted their meaning and turned them from the engines of truth and justice into their own antithesis.

For the left, the West is guilty of exploiting the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed. Britain has to do penance for the sins of imperialism and racism. Israel has to do penance for the sins of colonialism and racism. America has to do penance for the sins of imperialism, slavery and racism.

For the environmentalists, the West is guilty of the sins of consumerism and greed, which have given rise to far more than it needs. So these things must be taken away and the West must return to a simpler, austere, pre-industrial way of life.

Because of its sins, the West is being punished through the wars and terrorism against it. The West ‘had it coming’ on account of its manifold iniquities. America is responsible for Islamic terrorism. Israel is responsible for Palestinian terrorism. And Britain is responsible for the radicalization of British Muslims and the 7/7 attacks on the London transit system because it has backed America and Israel and ‘lied’ about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.

As a result of all this sin, guilt and punishment, the Western progressive soul yearns for expiation and redemption. By electing Barack Obama as president of the United States, Americans wanted to redeem their country’s original sins of slavery and racism. Through its strictures against Israel, post Christian Europe wants to redeem its original sin of anti-Semitism. By campaigning against carbon dioxide emissions, environmentalists want to redeem the original sin of human existence. As for the scientific materialists, the sin to be redeemed is not by man against God, but rather by God against man. Their governing story is that un-corrupted man fell from the Garden of Reason when he partook of the forbidden fruit of religion, which now has to be purged from the world to create the Kingdom of Man on earth.

For all these millenarians and apocalypticists and Utopians, both religious and secular, the target is the West. The West is seen as an enemy not because it offers an alternative system of values, but because its promises of material comfort, individual freedom and dignity of unexceptional lives deflate all Utopian pretensions. The anti heroic, anti Utopian nature of western liberalism is the greatest enemy of religious radicals, priest, kings and collective seekers after purity and heroic salvation.

That is why the West is squarely in the sights of all who want to create utopia and are determined to remove all the obstacles it places in the way. For environmentalists, that obstacle is industrialization. For scientific materialists, it’s religion. For transnational progressives, it’s the nation. For anti imperialists, it’s American exceptionalism. For the Western intelligentsia, it’s Israel. For Islamists, it’s all the above and the entire un-Islamic world. And meantime, in all their fervor and desire for redemption and their suppression of dissent from the one revealed truth, Western progressives and radical Islamists are closer than either would like to think……








Dominion Voting Systems is suing MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for $1.3 billion. This comes in the wake of other Dominion lawsuits against Trump advisors Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. All are accused of lying about Dominion’s supposed complicity in using the company’s vote-counting software to favor presidential candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

The company claims Lindell’s accusations “have caused irreparable harm to Dominion’s good reputation and threatened the safety of our employees and customers.” In the case of Giuliani, the company claims: “For Dominion—whose business is producing and providing voting systems for elections—there are no accusations [other than Giuliani’s claims of fraud and election fixing] that could do more to damage Dominion’s business or to impugn Dominion’s integrity, ethics, honesty, and financial integrity.”

Behind all of this is the usual logic of a defamation lawsuit. Dominion’s owners are concerned that Lindell, Giuliani, and Powell have cost the company money by saying things that could potentially hurt Dominion financially.

It’s entirely possible that Dominion may have a case, at least legally speaking. Dominion is nominally a private company. But will need to prove the usual elements of a defamation suit, namely, that Lindell et al. made false statements about Dominion and that they knew these statements were false. Dominion must also show it suffered damages.

Fortunately, this is very difficult to do in American courts. This is especially true for government officials and “public figures” of any kind. In those cases, a plaintiff must also prove that the defamation was committed with malicious intent and recklessness.

This presents a very high legal standard to meet. And rightly so.

In any case, a respect for freedom of speech would render most, if not all, defamation suits null and void. As I’ve noted in the past, defamation law opens a Pandora’s box of legal strategies that can be employed to silence people the regime and its allies find to be inconvenient.

In the case of Dominion Voting Systems, however, the company should not be able to sue for defamation at all. This is because Dominion is a private company in name only, and in reality is a de facto government agency.

Governments (in America) Can’t Sue for Defamation

In the 1964 case New York Times v. Sullivan, the US Supreme Court concluded:

For good reason, “no court of last resort in this country has ever held, or even suggested, that prosecutions for libel on government have any place in the American system of jurisprudence.”

The reasons for this should be obvious. Government agencies enjoy monopoly privileges and are funded through the coercive collection of taxes. Even the most blue-pilled regime sympathizer can probably see the danger that arises from also granting this monopolistic agency the right to sue people for criticizing it. After all, the liberal notion of “free speech” was codified in documents like the Bill of Rights primarily for the purposes of ensuring critics of the regime would be legally immune from the regime’s attempts to retaliate.

This brings us to “private” organizations like Dominion.

In its lawsuits against Lindell, Giuliani, and Powell, the company is proceeding as if it were just another private company. The basic claim is “we’re just a poor, innocent group of entrepreneurs being defamed!”

But “private” is clearly not an appropriate term for describing a company like Dominion. And “entrepreneurship” has very little to do with it. This is a company that is overwhelmingly geared toward serving only government agencies and performing what can only be described as government services. Dominion provides ballot-counting software and related services. Its only “clients” are apparently government agencies. As such, Dominion’s revenue comes from tax revenue. The company and its founders are not “entrepreneurial” in any sense except in the sense of a “political entrepreneur,” who seeks profit through government subsidies and contracts. The company does not interact in a free and open marketplace where real customers exchange money with the company in exchange for a good or service. Rather, taxpayers are forced to support Dominion through taxation, and taxpayers have no meaningful say in whether or not they “pay” Dominion. In short, the relationship between Dominion and the people who ultimately fund Dominion is one of coercion and exploitation.

In this sense, Dominion is like many other de facto government agencies which rather unconvincingly claim to be “private” in any sense other than the legal. One such example is Academi—formerly known as Blackwater—which supplies mercenary troops and related services to government agencies. The company was founded and managed by former CIA agents and other bureaucrats who presumably wanted to cash in the on the lucrative business of government contracts. Academi’s revenue has overwhelmingly come through these contracts, and as such, it is funded by the sweat and toil of the taxpayer.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Academi’s founder, Erik Prince, from ridiculously claiming to be some sort of free market entrepreneur.

We might also point to other “private” companies that cater to governments. This would include weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, or even road construction companies whose business plan is based around construction of government projects.

It’s not unusual to encounter engineers and owners from companies like these who make snide remarks about “government bureaucrats.” In truth, these people are only describing themselves. If their income comes primarily from tax dollars, they are de facto government employees.

Naturally, we could see the danger that arises from allowing these companies to sue their detractors for defamation. For example, given that Academi has been a key component of the brutal and bloody US occupation of Iraq, many critics have claimed over the years that Academi has murdered countless Iraqis. Are such statements defamation? A court could agree. Were Academi to sue such critics, though, the company would just be using tax dollars to sue taxpayers for daring to criticize an agency carrying out government policy.

This is also true of Dominion when it attempts to sue critics for defamation.

So, was Dominion defamed by its critics? Who cares? This should be considered of no more importance than whether or not the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) is being defamed when critics of the Waco massacre contend that federal agents murdered Branch Davidian women and children. Allowing a government agency to sue in such cases would be a direct assault on free speech and the freedom to verbally attack perceived abuses by the regime.

De facto government agencies like Dominion (or Academi or Raytheon) (including entities like fakebook twatter and gooberl) should not be allowed to pose as legitimate private companies deserving of private sector legal protections. If they don’t like it, these firms can get in the business of offering real, voluntary services in the marketplace sans the taxpayer largesse.

The members of the “Committee of 300” are basically the people who run the world today. Above them, there is another group, called The Council of 33, and above that there is yet another group, The Council of 13 (a.k.a. Crown Council of 13), which is made of just 13 of the most powerful families on Earth.

The important thing about these families is not just their incredible wealth, but also their very long ancestry – these families can allegedly trace their lineages all the way back to the ancient “gods,” who gave Earth’s leadership to their “demigod” offsprings (i.e the children that the “gods” had with human women) before leaving Earth with the promise to return in the future.

These 13 families are considered top of the hierarchy of the global elite and all have ties to each other through marriage as well as blood so that the fortunes of each family are linked both to each other and to the success of the plan to create a New World Order.

You can read more about the Council of 13 at THIS LINK.

It is also important to note that the ruler of the Council of 13, and consequently the most powerful man on Earth, is the head of the Rothschild family (which is the most powerful of the “elite” families). He is called The Pindar, and you can read more on the subject HERE (before proceeding with this link, be warned that the rabbit hole is very deep and it is directly connected to otherworldly beings, hence why some of the top researchers have always maintained that the New World Order agenda is, in fact, the Alien Agenda).

Now back to the Committee of 300.

The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300.

The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600. It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time.

Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a “New World Order”, under a “Totalitarian Global Government”.

There is no need to use “they” or “the enemy” except as shorthand. We know who “they”, the enemy, is.

The Committee of 300 with its “aristocracy”, its ownership of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a hierarchy of conspirators – this is the enemy.

Secret societies exist by deception.

Each is a hierarchy with an inner circle at the top, who deceives those below with lies, such as claiming a noble agenda; thus, duping them into following a web of compartmentalized complicity.

The members of the Council of 300 are royals, top bankers, “elite” billionaires, top religious figures, media moguls, top military figures and some of the top politicians (personally, I suspect that the generals and the politicians are not permanent members of the Committee, and their seats can be vacated and filled by others, if necessary).

Some reports mention a Committee of 500, which means that it is possible that the Committee of 300 has been expanded to include 500 members (and, consequently, had to change its name), or maybe that is another Committee entirely, which is placed below the Committee of the 500.

Queen Signature On Committee Of 300 Document

Queen’s Signature on the Committee of 300 Document

Below, You Will Find The Complete List Of The Committee Of 300 As Of 2010*:

Abdullah II King of Jordan – Important imperial puppet in Middle East, British-educated, American wife

Roman Abramovich – Russian Oligarch, $12B net worth, major British ties

Josef Ackermann – Swiss Banker and CEO Deutsche Bank

Edward Adeane – British trustee, Eton graduate, private secretary of Prince of Wales

Marcus Agius – British-Maltese financier, Group Chairman Barclay’s Bank, sits on board of BBC, married to daughter of Edmund de Rothschild

Martti Ahtisaari – ex-president of Finland, 2008 Nobel peace prize, involved in UN action in Kosovo,

Daniel Akerson – CEO General Motors, formerly CEO of MCI, General Instrument, Nextel, joined Carlyle group in 2003,

Albert II King of Belgium – King of Belgium, same dynasty as Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

Alexander Crown Prince of Yugoslavia – heir to King of Yugoslavia,_Crown_Prince_of_Yugoslavia

Giuliano Amato – ex-PM of Italy, V.P of convention which drafted EU Constitution

Carl A. Anderson – 13th “Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus”, sits on council at Vatican Bank

Giulio Andreotti – ex-PM of Italy, accused in court of mob ties and murder

Andrew Duke of York – 2nd son of Elizabeth II, 4th in line to throne of 16 countries, connected to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein,,_Duke_of_York

Anne Princess Royal – daughter of Elizabeth II,,_Princess_Royal

Nick Anstee – 682nd “Lord Mayor of the City of London” connected to Arthur Andersen accounting scandal, director of int’l law firm SJ Berwin

Timothy Garton Ash – British historian, Professor at Oxford, European CFR, winner of “George Orwell Prize”

William Waldorf Astor – 4th Viscount Astor, heir to Astor dynasty, Eton graduate, sits on House of Lords,,_4th_Viscount_Astor

Pyotr Aven – Russian Oligarch with close British ties

Jan Peter Balkenende – ex-PM of Netherlands, puppet of Queen Beatrix head of the Bilderbergs and cousin of Elizabeth II

Steve Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft, Net worth $15.7B, #5 on Jerusalem Post’s “World’s Richest Jews”

Ed Balls – British politician, Fabian society,
Jose Manuel Barroso – President of the European Commission, ex-PM of Portugal, former Maoist,

Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands – Queen of Netherlands, head of Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome

Marek Belka – ex-PM of Poland, former IMF, former head of National Bank of Poland,

Fred Bergsten – US economist, author, and political adviser, and member of globalist think tanks, ex-US Treasury Department

Silvio Berlusconi – ex-PM of Italy, $5.9B net worth, accused by courts of mafia collusion, false accounting, fraud, corruption and bribery

Ben Bernanke – Chairman of US Federal Reserve,

Nils Bernstein – Danish National Bank

Donald Berwick – head of US Medicare, medicaid, connected to Obamacare, Professor at Harvard Medical School, several British Titles

Carl Bildt – ex-PM of Sweden, involved in Balkans, globalist instigator, Club of Madrid

Sir Winfried Bischoff – chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, ex-CEO of Citigroup,

Tony Blair – ex British PM, connected to illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, accused of war crimes,

Lloyd Blankfein – CEO Goldman-Sachs, connected to Rockefeller,

Leonard Blavatnik – Russian Oligarch living in London, net worth $10.1B, owner of Access Industries, connected to Harvard and Tel Aviv University,

Michael Bloomberg – Mayor of New York City, net worth $22B, owner of Bloomberg Media,

Frits Bolkestein – Dutch politician involved in EU directives and globalism initiatives

Hassanal Bolkiah – Sultan of Brunei, net worth $20B, British Higher education, connected to Royal Dutch Shell, honorary Admiral of the Royal Navy of UK

Michael C Bonello – Governor of the Central Bank of Malta

Emma Bonino – EU minister, ex-EU Parliament,

David L. Boren – US Presidential Advisor, ex-Governor of Oklahoma, ex-US Senate, ex-chairman of Intelligence Committee in Senate,

Borwin Duke of Mecklenburg – Duke of Mecklenburg,_Duke_of_Mecklenburg

Charles Bronfman – Owner of Seagram liquor, net worth $2B, Canadian Jew, founder of a Zionist charity,

Edgar Bronfman Jr. – ex-CEO of Warner Music Group, member of Bronfman dynasty

John Bruton –  ex-PM of Ireland,

Zbigniew Brzezinski – head of Trilateral Commission, former US presidential adviser, involved in globalist think tanks and propaganda, connected to 911, connected to bin Laden, connected to illegal war in Afghanistan, ex-Harvard, member of CFR, former head of Amnesty International,

Robin Budenberg – head of UK governmental body that oversaw the bailouts

Warren Buffett – Owner of Berkshire Hathaway,  Net Worth $44B, profits off of American impoverishment, connect to Gulf of Mexico disaster as owner of Nalco which manufactured Corexit, a toxin still dumped in the Gulf, connected to 911,

George HW Bush – ex-US President, ex-US Vice President, father connected to Nazis, international banking, big oil and drug trafficking, ex-CIA, connected to JFK and RFK assassinations, connected to 911 and both Iraq wars, head of an international terrorist crime family, known skull and bones and 33rd degree Freemason

David Cameron – PM of UK, Eton and Oxford graduate, puppet of Elizabeth II, connected to Rothschilds,

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall – 2nd wife of Prince of Wales,,_Duchess_of_Cornwall

Fernando Henrique Cardoso – ex-President of Brazil
Peter Carington – British Politician and Baron, House of Lords,

Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden – King of Sweden, close cousin of Elizabeth II,

Carlos Duke of Parma – Dutch royalty with many titles, and head of several orders, Knight of Malta,,_Duke_of_Parma

Mark Carney – governor of Bank of Canada, 13 years at Goldman Sachs,

Cynthia Carroll – CEO of Anglo American platinum mining,

Jaime Caruana – GM of Bank for International Settlements (BIS), ex-Governor of Bank of Spain,

Sir William Castell – Chairman of Wellcome Trust, Director of General Electric and BP

Anson Chan – Chinese politician involved in British rule of Hong Kong

Margaret Chan – Director-General of World Health Organization, ex Hong Kong government,

Norman Chan – Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Charles Prince of Wales – heir to throne of British Commonwealth, pushes “sustainable development” globalist and monetary manipulation of 3rd world countries in particular resource extraction and population control at United Nations and hundreds of NGO’s, Freemason, connected to murder of his first wife Princess Diana,

Richard Chartres – Anglican Bishop Of London

Stefano Delle Chiaie – “neofascist” Italian activist, Freemason, accused by a court of terrorism, connected to Operation Condor

Dr John Chipman – Director-General of globalist British think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies,

Patokh Chodiev – Uzbek Oligarch living in London, net worth $3.3B, involved in mining, oil, gas, and banking

Christoph Prince of Schleswig-Holstein – Prince of Schleswig-Holstein,_Prince_of_Schleswig-Holstein

Fabrizio Cicchitto – Italian politician, Marxist, admitted to being in the Masonic lodge P2, involved in putting Italy into the EU

Wesley Clark – US general, ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe in NATO, Rhodes Scholar, involved in Balkans, connected to Waco, ran for US President,

Kenneth Clarke – British politician and bureaucrat,

Nick Clegg – Deputy Prime Minister of UK,

Bill Clinton – ex-US President, ex-governor of Arkansas, Rhodes Scholar, involved in Balkans, involved in sheltering bin Laden, connected to Bush family, connected to international drug trafficking, connected to Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Freemason, connected to technology transfers to China,

Abby Joseph Cohen – US economist, Goldman Sachs, ex-Federal Reserve, Chairman of Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Trustee of Cornell University,

Ronald Cohen – Egyptian-born British Jewish venture capitalist, educated at Oxford,

Gary Cohn – President and COO of Goldman Sachs

Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano Duke of Paliano – Duke of Paliano

Constantijn Prince of the Netherlands – third son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,

Constantine II King of Greece – last King of Greece,

David Cooksey – British venture capitalist, ex-Director of Bank of England, chairman of Bechtel, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Brian Cowen – ex-PM of Ireland, helped cause Ireland capitulation to IMF and EU,

Sir John Craven – Director of Reuters, ex-Director of Deutsche Bank, ex-chairman of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

Andrew Crockett – British Banker, ex-GM of Bank for International Settlements, ex-Bank of England, employed at JP Morgan Chase, member of Group of 30, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Uri Dadush – Senior Associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, ex-World Bank, educated at Hebrew University and Harvard,

Tony D’Aloisio – Chairman of Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ex-Director of World Federation of Stock Exchanges, pushed globalist initiatives,

Alistair Darling – Scottish politician and MP,

Sir Howard Davies – British economist, Director of London School of Economics and Political Science, globalist initiatives and propaganda

Etienne Davignon – Belgian politician, ex-VP of European Commission, chairman of Bilderberg, chairman of Brussels Airlines,

David Davis – British MP,

Benjamin de Rothschild – Swiss Banker, descendant of French branch of Rothschild dynasty,

David Rene de Rothschild – chairman of Rothschild Continuations Holdings, French branch of Rothschild dynasty,

Evelyn de Rothschild – British financier, partner at N M Rothschilds and Sons, ex-Director De Beers, ex-Director IBM UK, ex-director Daily Telegraph, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Leopold de Rothschild – British financier, ex-employee of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co., Morgan Stanley, partner at N M Rothschilds and Sons,

Joseph Deiss – Swiss economist and politician, ex-President of the United Nations General Assembly, globalist,

Oleg Deripaska – Russian Oligarch, net worth $16.8B, CEO of Basic Element, CEO of United Company RUSAL aluminum, connected to Rothschilds,

Michael Dobson – British businessman, CEO of Schroders international asset management, connected to Rockefellers,

Mario Draghi – President of European Central Bank, ex- Governor of Bank of Italy, ex-Harvard professor,

Jan Du Plessis – South African Businessman, CEO of British American Tobacco, director of Lloyds TSB Group, chairman of Rio Tinto mining,

William C. Dudley – President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, ex-Goldman Sachs,

Wim Duisenberg – Dutch politician, ex-President of European Central Bank, ex-President of the Central bank of Netherlands, ex-IMF, DECEASED

Edward Duke of Kent – Duke of Kent, First Cousin to Elizabeth II, Grand Master of Freemasons in England and Wales, President of Scout Association,_Duke_of_Kent

Edward Earl of Wessex – Third son of Elizabeth II,,_Earl_of_Wessex

Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom – Monarch of the British Commonwealth, Supreme Governor of Church of England, head of International Freemasonry, head of the Order of the Garter, head of Committee of 300, owns 1/6th of worlds landmass, connected to most crimes and fraud in the world,

John Elkann – Italian Industrialist, Owner of Fiat, Owner of Chrysler, CEO of Exor, member of Brookings Institution,

Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Naples – Prince of Naples, Duke of Savoy, member of P2 masonic lodge, accused by a court of murder,,_Prince_of_Naples

Ernst August Prince of Hanover – Prince of Hanover and married to heiress to throne of Monaco,,_Prince_of_Hanover

Martin Feldstein – American economist, Professor at Harvard, ex-adviser to Reagan,

Matthew Festing – British Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, officer of the Order of the British Empire,

François Fillon – Prime Minister of France,

Heinz Fischer – President of Austria,

Joschka Fischer – German politician, ex-Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany,

Stanley Fischer – American-Israeli economist, Governor of the Bank of Israel, ex-Chief Economist of World Bank, Bilderberg

Niall FitzGerald – Irish Businessman, ex-CEO of Unilever, member of World Economic Forum, connected to Merck, Bank of Ireland and Prudential,

Franz Duke of Bavaria – Duke of Bavaria, co-heir of House of tuart,,_Duke_of_Bavaria

Mikhail Fridman – Jewish Russian Oligarch, net worth $15.1B, member of Russian CFR, founder of Russian Jewish Congress,

Friso Prince of Orange-Nassau – Prince of Orange-Nassau, second son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,

Bill Gates – ex-CEO Microsoft, net worth $61B, allowed unfettered surveillance of MS Windows, connected to globalist depopulation efforts through vaccines,

Christopher Geidt – Private Secretary of Elizabeth II, educated at Oxford,

Timothy Geithner – US Treasury Secretary, ex-President New York Federal Reserve, connected to TARP bailout theft,

Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia – Prince of Prussia,,_Prince_of_Prussia

Dr Chris Gibson-Smith – Chairman of London Stock Exchange,

Mikhail Gorbachev – Ex-Premiere of Soviet Union, Club of Madrid, Globalist Initiatives,

Al Gore – ex-VP of USA, ex-US Senator, educated at Harvard, father was a senator connected to Armand Hammer – a communist Soviet,  Nobel Peace Prize for pushing Global Warming Scam,

Allan Gotlieb – Canadian bureaucrat, member Trilateral Commission, member of Carlyle Group, chairman of Sotheby’s Canada, globalist pushing North American Union,

Stephen Green – British baron, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, ex-Chairman HSBC, educated at Oxford and MIT,_Baron_Green_of_Hurstpierpoint

Alan Greenspan – ex-Chairman of US Federal Reserve, Knight Commander of the British Empire,

Gerald Grosvenor 6th Duke of Westminster – Duke of Westminster, net worth 7.35B pounds, richest property developer in UK,,_6th_Duke_of_Westminster

Jose Angel Gurria – Secretary General of NGO OECD, ex-CEO of National Development Bank of Mexico, ex-CEO of Foreign Trade Bank,

William Hague – Foreign Secretary of UK, educated at Oxford,

Sir Philip Hampton – Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland, ex-finance director of Lloyds, BT Group, BG Group and British Steel,

Hans-Adam II Prince of Liechtenstein – Prince of Lichtenstein, owner of LGT Banking Group, net worth $7.6B,,_Prince_of_Liechtenstein

Harald V King of Norway – King of Norway,

Stephen Harper – Prime Minister of Canada, Zionist, pusher of globalism and North American Union,

François Heisbourg – President of International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London-based globalist think tank

Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg – Duke of Luxembourg, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order,,_Grand_Duke_of_Luxembourg

Philipp Hildebrand – ex-head of Swiss National Bank, Oxford-educated,

Carla Anderson Hills – Co-chairman of Council on Foreign Relations, executive committee member of Trilateral Commission, ex-HUD secretary, pushes North American Union,

Richard Holbrooke – American bureaucrat, Presidential Advisor, connected to Vietnam, DECEASED

Patrick Honohan – Governor of Central Bank of Ireland,

Alan Howard – British hedge fund manager managing $26B of assets, ex-Salomon Brothers,

Alijan Ibragimov – Kyrgyzstani Oligarch, mining, oil and gas in Kazakhstan,

Stefan Ingves – Governor of central bank of Sweden,

Walter Isaacson – CEO of globalist think tank Aspen Institute, Managing Editor Time Magazine, Chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors, connected to Katrina,

Juan Carlos King of Spain – King of Spain, many other titles,

Kenneth M. Jacobs – CEO of Lazard,

DeAnne Julius – Chairman of Chatham House (RIIA), ex-World Bank, ex-CIA, founding member of Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England,

Jean-Claude Juncker – Prime Minister of Luxembourg, ex-President of European Council,

Peter Kenen – Senior Fellow in International Economics at CFR, Ford Foundation, Globalist

John Kerry – US Senator, Presidential Candidate, Skull and Bones, family wealth from Heinz ketchup and the opium trade before that, Freemason, false heroics in Vietnam,

Mervyn King – Governor of the Bank of England, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire,

Glenys Kinnock – Council Member of European Council on Foreign Relations, ex-European Parliament, House of Lords,

Henry Kissinger – ex-US Secretary of State, Bilderberg, CFR, Bohemian Club, Nobel Peace Prize, connected to Vietnam and Cambodia, involved in Chile mass murder, connected to Balkans, accused by courts of war crimes and terrorism,

Malcolm Knight – Canadian Vice-Chairman of Deutsche Bank, ex-GM Bank for International Settlements, London education,

William H. Koon II – Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, no link

Paul Krugman – American Economist and Globalist propagandist, educated at Yale and London School of Economics, CFR,

John Kufuor – ex-President of Ghana, ex-Chairperson of the African Union,

Giovanni Lajolo – President of the Governate of Vatican City State, Cardinal emeritus President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City,

Anthony Lake – Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF),

Richard Lambert – ex-Director-General of the CBI, Chancellor of University of Warwick UK, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Pascal Lamy – Director-General of World Trade Organization,

Jean-Pierre Landau – ex-IMF, ex-Board of Directors for Bank for International Settlements, ex Bank of France,

Timothy Laurence – husband of the only daughter of Elizabeth II,

James Leigh-Pemberton – British Banker, Receiver-General for Duchy of Cornwall (Prince of Wales), educated at Eton, ex-S.G. Warburg and Co. and managing director at Credit Suisse

Leka Crown Prince of Albania – Prince of Albania, heir to King of Albania,

Mark Leonard – British globalist in think tanks and propagandist, co-founder and director of European CFR,

Peter Levene – British Baron, chairman of NBNK Investments, ex-Lord mayor of City of London,

Lev Leviev – Bukharian-Israeli Oligarch, net worth $12B, diamond mining in Angola, and Palestinian settlements,

Arthur Levitt – ex-Chairman of SEC, advisor at Carlyle Group,

President of CSV Jewish Care, Jewish Free School, and JLGB

Joe Lieberman – American-Israeli Senator, connected to 911, connected to Patriot Act, connected to many tyrannical laws,

Ian Livingston – CEO of BT (British Telecom),

Lee Hsien Loong – Prime minister of Singapore, British-educated,

Lorenz of Belgium Archduke of Austria-Este – Belgian royalty,,_Archduke_of_Austria-Este

Louis Alphonse Duke of Anjou – Duke of Anjou, claimant to defunct King of France,,_Duke_of_Anjou

Gerard Louis-Dreyfus – chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services, net worth $2.9B,

Mabel Princess of Orange-Nassau – wife of 2nd son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,

Peter Mandelson – British bureaucrat, MP, ex-European Commissioner for Trade, connected to Rothschilds,

Sir David Manning – ex-British Ambassador to the United States, connected to Iraq invasion, ex-British ambassador to Israel,

Margherita Archduchess of Austria-Este – Wife of Archduke of Austria-Este,_Archduchess_of_Austria-Este

Margrethe II Queen of Denmark – Queen of Denmark,

Guillermo Ortiz Martinez – Mexican bureaucrat, ex-ambassador to IMF,

Alexander Mashkevitch – Khazak-Israeli Oligarch, metals and gas in Khazakstan, connected to ENRC,

Stefano Massimo Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci – Scion of Massimo dynasty and Italian royalty,

Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio Prince of Arsoli and Triggiano – Massimo dynasty and royalty

William Joseph McDonough – vice chairman of Merril Lynch, ex-President of NY Federal Reserve, ex-First National Bank of Chicago, CFR

Mack McLarty – ex-White House Chief of Staff under Clinton, CEO of McLarty Companies, board of directors Arkla Gas, National Petroleum Council, connected to Kissinger,

Yves Mersch – Governor of Central Bank of Luxembourg, member of European Central Bank governing council, connected to BIIS,

Michael Prince of Kent – British Royalty, 1st cousin of Elizabeth II, grandmaster of two Masonic lodges,

Michael King of Romania – King of Romania, 3rd cousin of Elizabeth II, connected to communism,

David Miliband – British bureaucrat,

Ed Miliband – British bureaucrat and MP, educated at Oxford and London School of Economics, father was Marxist,

Lakshmi Mittal – Indian steel magnate, CEO of ArcelorMittal – – world’s largest steel company, connected to Goldman Sachs,

Glen Moreno – acting chairman of UK Financial Investments Limited which manages the UK government bank shareholdings, ex-Citigroup, director of Fidelity International, chairman of Pearson, connected to Lloyds Banking,

Moritz Prince and Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel – Prince of Hesse-Kassel,,_Landgrave_of_Hesse

Rupert Murdoch – Australian-American media mogul, owner of NewsCorp and Fox, accused by courts of bribery, wiretapping , libel, lying, insider trading, Freemason, connected to Norway mass shooting, connected to 911, connected to illegal Iraq War,

Charles Napoleon – head of Imperial House of France,

Jacques Nasser – Lebanese Chairman of BHP Billiton, connected to JP Morgan Chase, Sky Corp and Ford Motors,

Robin Niblett – Director of Chatham House (RIIA) – connected to every war, mass theft and atrocity since 1920,

Vincent Nichols – Archbishop of Westminster, head of Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, connected to abuse of boys,

Adolfo Nicolas – 30th Black Pope, Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), head of largest male order of Vatican,

Christian Noyer – Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, governor of Bank of France, ex-VP Executive Board of the European Central Bank,

Sammy Ofer – Israeli shipping tycoon, net worth $10.3B with brother Yuli, DECEASED,

Alexandra Ogilvy Lady Ogilvy – Princess of UK, cousin of Elizabeth II,,_The_Honourable_Lady_Ogilvy

David Ogilvy 13th Earl of Airlie – married to Princess Alexandra, Lord Chamberlain, educated at Eton, Knight of the Thistle, ex-Director of Schroders,,_13th_Earl_of_Airlie

Jorma Ollila – Chairman of Nokia, board of directors of Ford Motor Company, non-executive chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, ex-Citibank, Bilderberg,
Nicky Oppenheimer – South African chairman of De Beers diamond mining, shareholder in Anglo American mining, net worth $6B,
George Osborne – British Bureaucrat, Chancellor of the Exchequer of UK, ex-MP, Bullingdon Club at Oxford, connected to Rotshchilds,

Frederic Oudea – CEO Societe Generale,

Sir John Parker – ex-Chairman of National Grid and Anglo American mining, ex-Bank of England, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Chris Patten – chairman of BBC Trust, last Governor of British-held Hong Kong, ex-MP, connected to Pope Benedict,

Michel Pebereau – Chairman of National Bank of Paris,

Gareth Penny – CEO of AMG Mining the #1 mining company in world, ex-De Beers and Anglo American mining, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Eton
Shimon Peres – President of Israel, ex-PM of Israel, connected to assassination of Y. Rabin, false peacemaker, connected to 911,

Philip Duke of Edinburgh – husband of Elizabeth II, a German-Danish royal, patron of over 800 organizations, globalist, racist, has spoken publicly in favor of mass genocide and depopulation, Freemason, alleged to have given order to murder his grandson’s mother Princess Diana

Dom Duarte Pio Duke of Braganza – Duke of Braganza,,_Duke_of_Braganza

Karl Otto Pohl – German economist, President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-Chairman of Central Bank Council,

Colin Powell – ex-US Secretary of State, retired general, ex-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, ex-National Security Adviser to Reagan, connected to both Iraq wars,

Mikhail Prokhorov – Russian Oligarch, ex-owner of Norilsk Nickel, ex-chairman of Polyus Gold, ex-President of ONEXIM GROUP $17B investment fund, net worth $13.2B,

Guy Quaden – Governor of National Bank of Belgium, member of governing board of European Central Bank,

Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Secretary-General of NATO, ex-PM of Denmark, ex-President of European Union, connected to Iraq war,

Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) – 265th Pope, ex-Hitler Youth, participated in Vatican II, head of Inquisition at Vatican, covered up untold number of abuse cases allowing them to continue and the perpetrators to remain unpunished, covered up Native Canadian Holocaust (by UK and Vatican) discoveries

David Reuben – British Jewish Oligarch, net worth with brother of $9B, CEO of Reuben Brothers, owner Trans-World Metals, owner of Global Switch, many other business interests

Simon Reuben – British Jewish Oligarch, net worth with brother of $9B, CEO of Reuben Brothers, owner Trans-World Metals, owner of Global Switch, many other business interests

William R. Rhodes – CEO William R. Rhodes Global Advisers, ex-Citigroup and Citibank, involved in international banking schemes in South America, Director of Private Export Funding Corporation, CFR, globalist, and much much more

Susan Rice – US Ambassador to United Nations, ex-National Security Council, Rhodes Scholar, connected to Clinton,

Richard Duke of Gloucester – Duke of Gloucester, cousin of Elizabeth II,,_Duke_of_Gloucester

Sir Malcolm Rifkind – British Bureaucrat, ex-Secretary of State for Scotland, Defence Secretary, Foreign Secretary, ex-MP,

Sir John Ritblat – ex-CEO of British Land Company, head of several British royal organizations,

Stephen S. Roach – A senior executive at Morgan Stanley, professor at Yale and Jackson Institute for Global Affairs,

Mary Robinson – ex-President of Ireland, ex-United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, received Presidential medal for Freedom for knowing when to talk and when not to as it refers to human rights

David Rockefeller Jr. – eldest son of David Rockefeller, 4th generation member of Rockefeller dynasty, Rockefeller foundations used to sew evil worldwide and particularly in USA, in the guise of good,,_Jr.

David Rockefeller Sr. – patriarch of Rockefeller family, net worth $2.9B, owner Chase Manhattan Bank, owner of Exxon Mobil, connected to CIA, connected to Kissinger, admitted head of a globalist cabal, strict control of much of US media, Trilateral Commission,
Nicholas Rockefeller – Rockefeller dynasty, warned Aaron Russo of 911, no link
Javier Echevarria Rodriguez – Spanish Roman Catholic Bishop, Head of Opus Dei,

Kenneth Rogoff – Professor of Economics at Harvard, ex-IMF, Board of Governors Federal Reserve,

Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman of Board of Bank for International Settlements, governor of IMF for Switzerland, ex-Chairman Swiss National Bank, director of Nestle and Swatch,

Jacob Rothschild – 4th Baron Rothschild, Chairman of RIT Capital investments, Eton education, ex-chairman N M Rothschild & Sons, Council for the Duchy of Cornwall of Prince of Wales, Advisory Board of Blackstone Group, ex-Chairman of BSkyB Television, Director of RHJ International,
David Rubenstein – co-founder Carlyle Group, net worth $2.6B, CFR, presidential advisor To Carter,

Robert Rubin – ex-US Treasury Secretary, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Citigroup, Co-chair of CFR, executive board at Harvard, ex-board of directors of NYSE, board of trustees Carnegie Corp. and U.s Securities and Exchange Commission, connected to Enron,

Francesco Ruspoli 10th Prince of Cerveteri – Italian royalty,,_10th_Prince_of_Cerveteri

Joseph Safra – Syrian-Brazilian Jewish banker, Owner of Safra Group, net worth $11.4B,

Moises Safra – Syrian-Brazilian Jewish banker, co-founder Banco Safra,

Peter Sands – British banker, CEO of Standard Chartered, Oxford and Harvard-educated, Board of Directors – Institute of International Finance

Nicolas Sarkozy – ex-President of France (5/15/12), bureaucrat,

Isaac Sassoon – born into Sassoon dynasty of London, Sephardic Rabbi, author,

James Sassoon – Commercial Secretary to the Treasury in UK Treasury, House of Lords, adviser to UK PM David Cameron,

Sir Robert John Sawers – Chief of Secret Intelligence Service of UK (MI6), ex-British Permanent Representative to UN, ex-Foreign Affairs Advisor to Tony Blair,

Marjorie Scardino – CEO Pearson PLC, non-executive director of Nokia, ex-CEO of Economist Group,

Klaus Schwab – founder of World Economic Forum, ex-Professor at Geneva University,

Karel Schwarzenberg – Prince of Schwarzenberg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg,

Stephen A. Schwarzman – co-founder Blackstone Group, net worth $4.7B, Yale Skull and Bones, also educated at Harvard, ex-Lehman Brothers,

Sidney Shapiro – Jewish-American, naturalized Chinese, member of China’s People’s Political Consultative Council,

Nigel Sheinwald – British bureaucrat, ex-British Ambassador to US, adviser to Tony Blair, Knight Grand Cross,

Sigismund Grand Duke of Tuscany Archduke of Austria – Grand Duke of Tuscany and Archduke of Austria, Grand Master of the Order of Saint Joseph,,_Grand_Duke_of_Tuscany

Simeon Borisov of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – Prime Minister of Bulgaria, ex-Tsar of Bulgaria, cousin of Elizabeth II (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Dynasty),
Olympia Snowe – US Senator, worked for William Cohen, connected to Rockefeller, helped acquit Bill Clinton during impeachment, supported Kosovo war, Afghanistan and Iraq, pro-abortion,

Sofia Queen of Spain – Wife of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Princess of Greece and Denmark, cousin of Elizabeth II,

George Soros – Jewish Hungarian-American Oligarch, chairman of Soros Fund Management hedge fund, net worth $20B, chairman of Open Society Institute, described Nazi occupation of Hungary and his accompanying an official seizing Jewish property as “the best time of my life”, attended London School of Economics, globalist and vulture tied to numerous economic upheavals and contrived revolutions especially in Eastern Europe,

Arlen Specter – US Senator, Jewish, educated at Yale, ex-Federal Judge, devised “single bullet theory” in Warren Commission JFK assassination cover-up, professor at University of Pennsylvania Law School, helped push Iraq war and Patriot Act,

Ernest Stern – ex-Managing Director of World Bank, ex-Director JP Morgan, member of Group of 30, Director of Center for Global Development, on Board of Overseers International Center for Economic Growth,,

Dennis Stevenson – British Baron, House of Lords, Commander of the Order of the British Empire award, knighted by Elizabeth II, Director of British Technology Group, Tyne Tees Television, Manpower Inc., Thames Television, J. Rothschild Assurance, English partnerships, BSkyB, Lazard Bros, St. James Place Capital, Chairman of Maocap and Aldeburgh Music, director of Western Union, Loudwater Partners and the Economist, Chair of HBOS formerly Halifax plc and Bank of Scotland, Chancellor of University of Arts London,,_Baron_Stevenson_of_Coddenham

Tom Steyer – founder of Farallon Capital Management hedge fund, Board of Trustees Stanford University, connected to Warren Buffett, educated at Yale, ex-Goldman Sachs, connected to Robert Rubin, ex-Morgan Stanley, connected to Hillary Clinton,

Joseph Stiglitz – Jewish-American economist author and professor, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of World Bank, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for a technique called screening used to extract private information from another economic agent, founder of globalist think tank Initiative for Policy Dialogue, professor at Columbia University, member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, ex-professor MIT, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford and Princeton, chair of President’s Council of Economic Advisers under Clinton,

Dominique Strauss-Kahn – French politician, ex-Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), ex-Minister of Economy and Finance, ex-Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Communist, accused by a court of sexual assault,

Jack Straw – British politician, MP, ex-Home Secretary, ex-Foreign Secretary, ex-Leader of the House of Commons, ex-Lord High Chancellor, ex-Secretary of State for Justice, ex-Shadow Lord High Chancellor, allegations of rendition and torture,

Peter Sutherland – chairman of Goldman Sachs International, EU Commissioner, ex-Attorney General of Ireland, ex-Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), ex-director of Royal Bank of Scotland, formerly on board of ABB, steering committee of Bilderberg, Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission, ex-vice chairman of European Round Table of Industrialists, connected to getting Ireland into the EU, President of globalist British think tank Federal Trust for Education and Research, member of British pro-European and globalist think tank Businesses for New Europe, Goodwill Ambassador to the UNIDO (UN), Chair of London School of Economics council, financial adviser to the Vatican, co-Chairman of High Level Group, connected to Rockefeller, honorary knighthood by Elizabeth II,

Mary Tanner – British Anglican, President of the World Council of Churches, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire,

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi – Italian Banker, President of the Vatican Bank,

Mark Thompson – Director-General of the BBC, Jesuit-educated, also Oxford-educated, general public accusations of bias,

Dr. James Thomson – ex-President and CEO of RAND Corporation, ex-National Security Council, CFR, member of globalist think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies, director of AK steel Corporation, Encysive Pharmaceuticals, and Object Reservoir,

Hans Tietmeyer – Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bank for International Settlements (BIS), ex-President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-President of London Business School, member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Professor at Catholic University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt,

Jean-Claude Trichet – French ex-President of European Central Bank, member of Group of 30, ex-governor of Banque de France, pushes for greater European Integration, chairman of Breugel’s, on board of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company,

Paul Tucker – executive director Bank of England, Deputy Governor of Bank of England

Herman Van Rompuy – President of the European Council, Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold, ex-PM of Belgium,

Alvaro Uribe Velez – President of Colombia, educated at Harvard, awarded Simon Bolivar Scholarship of the British Chevenin Scholarships, Senior Associate member at St. Antony’s College at Oxford, alleged connections to Medellin Drug Cartel, major proponent of Communitarianism, connected to IMF and World Bank, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bush 43,

Alfons Verplaetse – ex-Governor National Bank of Belgium, board of governors of the European Monetary Institute, Governing Council of European Central Bank,

Kaspar Villiger – ex-Chairman of the Board of Swiss bank UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland), ex-member of Swiss federal Council, board of directors of Nestle and Swiss Re, member of globalist Global Leadership Foundation,

Maria Vladimirovna Grand Duchess of Russia – Grand Duchess of Russia, Oxford-educated, disputed heiress to Empress of Russia and to head of Romanov dynasty, Dame Grand Cross Sovereign Military
Order of Malta,,_Grand_Duchess_of_Russia

Paul Volcker – ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, ex-Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under Obama, educated at Princeton, Harvard, and London School of Economics, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Fellow, connected to end of the dollar gold standard in US, ex-chairman of Wolfensohn & Co., Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Group of Thirty, Trilateral Commission, member of Trust Committee of Rockefeller Group, Inc. ex- Chase Bank,

Otto von Habsburg – Archduke of Austria, ex-Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, ex-Head of Imperial House of Habsburg, Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece, ex-Vice President of International Paneuropean Union, ex-European Parliament, played a role in Eastern European revolutions against Communist rule, DECEASED

Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah Sultan of Brunei – LISTED TWICE
Sir David Walker – ex-chairman Morgan Stanley International, ex-Assistant Secretary of UK Treasury, ex-chairman of Securities and Investments Board, Executive Director for finance and industry at Bank of England, ex-Deputy Chairman of Lloyds TSB, member of Group of 30, ex-Reuters Holdings, Chairman of London Investment Bankers’ Association,

Jacob Wallenberg – Swedish banker and industrialist, ex-President and CEO of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, board of directors of Atlas Copco, SAS Group, ABB group, Coca-Cola Company, Investor, Stockholm School of Economics, Knight of the Order of the Seraphim,

John Walsh – ex-US Comptroller of Currency, ex-executive director of Group of 30, ex-staff of US Senate Banking Committee, ex-US Treasury Department, helped implement Basel III in US, DECEASED

Max Warburg – Owner of M.M. Warburg and Co. , scion of Jewish Warburg banking dynasty,

Axel Alfred Weber – German economist and banker, chairman of the Board of UBS, ex-President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-member of European Central Bank Governing Council, professor at University of Chicago, ex-Board of Directors Bank for International Settlements,

Michel David-Weill – French Investment banker, ex-Chairman of Lazard Freres, director of Groupe Danone foods, Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commander of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Nout Wellink – Dutch economist and central banker, President of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Director of the Bank for International Settlements, member of Governing Council of European Central Bank, Governor of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), member of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), ex-Dutch Ministry of Finance, Trilateral Commission, ex-chairman of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion,

Marina von Neumann Whitman – ex-Director Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Professor at University of Michigan, and Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, board of directors at Peterson Institute, ex-VP of General Motors Corp., ex-Council of Economic Advisors, ex-board of Trustees Princeton University,

Willem-Alexander Prince of Orange – Prince of Orange, Prince of Netherlands, heir to throne of Kingdom of Netherlands, eldest son of Queen Beatrix, head of House of Amsberg, cousin of Elizabeth II, member of Global Water Partnership established by World Bank, UN and Sweden, member of Raad van State, member of many international orders,,_Prince_of_Orange

William Prince of Wales – Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Second in Line to throne of British Commonwealth, educated at Eton College, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, descendant of several powerful royal dynasties,,_Duke_of_Cambridge

Dr Rowan Williams – Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England, titular head of Anglican Church, educated at Oxford, Professor at Oxford,

Shirley Williams – President of Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), British Baron, House of Lords, ex-MP, Professor at Harvard, educated at Oxford, CFR, Bilderberg, member of many globalist think tanks and organizations,

David Wilson – Baron Wilson of Tillyorn, ex-Governor of Hong Kong, ex-Chairman of Scottish Hydro Electric, member of Board of British Council, Knight of the Thistle, President of Royal Society of Edinburgh,,_Baron_Wilson_of_Tillyorn

James Wolfensohn – ex-President of World Bank Group, educated at Harvard, ex-director J. Henry Schroder & Co investment bank, ex-Salomon Brothers executive, founder of Wolfensohn & Company, chairman of International Advisory Board of Citigroup, member of International Advisory Council for China Investment Corporation, trustee of globalist Brookings Institution, trustee of Rockefeller Foundation, CFR, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, globalist Aspen Institute, knighthood of the Order of the British Empire, connected to Rothschilds,

Neal S. Wolin – US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, National Security Council under Clinton, educated at Yale, executive assistant to 3 CIA directors, member of Brookings Institution, CEO of Hartford Financial Services Group, CFR

Harry Woolf – Baron Woolf, Jewish-British, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, ex-Master of the Rolls, ex-judge in Hong Kong,

James Jr. Woolsey – ex-head of CIA, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, also educated at Yale, member of many globalist foundations, think tanks and NGO’s, ex-chairman of Freedom House, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, member of Project for a New American Century linked to 911 and Iraq war, tied to global warming scam, employee of Lux Capital, co-founder US Energy Security Council, accused of profiting from Iraq War and a crusader-like zealousness for conflict with Islam,,_Jr.

Sir Robert Worcester – founder of Market and Opinion Research International (MORI), International Director of Ipsos Group, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Freeman of the City of London, trustee of Magna Carta Trust, member of many globalist organizations,

Sarah Wu – Director General of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (London),_London

Robert Zoellick – President of World Bank, educated at Harvard, ex-US Department of Treasury, ex-Executive VP of Fannie Mae, ex-Professor at US Naval Academy, ex-White House Deputy Chief of Staff under Bush 41, member of PNAC linked to 911 and Iraq War, ex-head of globalist Center for International Studies, ex-advisory board Enron, ex-member of Executive Office under Bush 43, helped bring China into WTO, heavily promoted the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), tied to legal attempts by WTO to force Genetically modified foods in the European Union, promotes globalism,

The ADMITTED “nations” of the British Commonwealth (ALL “former” colonies”):

The Gambia
Sierra Leone


Sri Lanka

Antigua and Barbuda
The Bahamas
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago


Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Western Samoa


United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales)

How many more?

*The net worths are estimated and are the Wikipedia figures, which are almost certainly smaller in some cases. Conspirator details are not implied to be exhaustive. The list includes several now deceased members, and the Sultan of Brunei is listed twice (so 1 member is missing from the start). The expected changes since 2010 should also be taken into consideration.

Why did I post this?

The news is important to all people because it is where we come to know new things about the world, which leads to the development of more life goals that lead to life wisdom. The news also serves as a social connection tool, as we tend to relate to those who know about and believe the things we do. With the power of an open truth-seeking mind in hand, the individual can grow wise and the collective can prosper.






Microsoft founder and the man who could never rid his Windows product of viruses and the blue screen of death but wants you to take his experimental “vaccines,” Bill Gates, has his grimy hands in virtually everything that exists in the world.  However, now he is talking about wanting to change “every aspect of the economy” to push for the climate change hoax all while the people eat fake, lab-created “meat.”

Bill Gates & Food Corporations Worked To End Livestock Production – Pushed Lab-Grown Meat

When It Comes To Vaccines, Who Is Really Killing Children, Bill Gates? (Video)

Bill Gates: We Need “Pandemic Fire Squads” To Control You In The Post COVID-19 World

The Real Bill Gates & His Ruthless, Money Hungry Pursuit Of Vaccines (Video)

“Risk Pool” To Be Created To Compensate Nations Hurt By Bill Gates Venture To Dim The Sun To Cool Earth

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is pushing drastic and ‘fundamental’ changes to the economy in order to immediately halt the release of greenhouse gasses – primarily carbon dioxide – and ‘go to zero’ in order to save the planet from long-prognosticated (and consistently wrong) environmental disaster.

Changes we’ll need to make in order to realize Gates’ vision include:

  • Allocating $35 billion per year on climate and clean energy research.
  • Electric everything.
  • Widespread consumption of fake meat, since cows account for ‘4% of all greenhouse gases.’
  • Retooling the steel and cement industries, which Gates says account for 16% of all carbon dioxide emissions, to inject up to 30% of captured C02 into concrete, and create a different type of steel.
  • Widespread adoption of next generation nuclear energy to supplement wind and solar.

And since producing plants to make fake meat emits gases as well, Gates has backed a company which uses fungus to make sausage and yogurt, which the billionaire calls “pretty amazing.”

“When you say fungi, do you mean like mushroom or a microbe?” asked Anderson Cooper in a recent “60 Minutes” interview to promote Gates’ new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.”

“It’s a microbe,” replied Gates, adding“The microbe was discovered in the ground in a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Without soil or fertilizer it can be grown to produce this nutritional protein — that can then be turned into a variety of foods with a small carbon footprint.”

(Speaking of which, it appears that we’re already rounding the corner on C02 emissions)

Gates isn’t just looking to cut future carbon emissions, he is also investing in direct air capture, an experimental process to remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere. Some companies are  now using these giant fans to capture CO2 directly out of the air, Gates has become one of the world’s largest funders of this kind of technology. 

But of all his green investments, Gates has spent the most time and money pursuing a breakthrough in nuclear energy — arguing it’s key to a zero carbon future.

He says he’s a big believer in wind and solar and thinks it can one day provide up to 80% of the country’s electricity, but Gates insists unless we discover an effective way to store and ship wind and solar energy, nuclear power will likely have to do the rest. Energy from nuclear plants can be stored so it’s available when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. 

Gates also admits he’s a hypocrite – telling Cooper “I probably have one of the highest greenhouse gas footprints of anyone on the planet,” adding “my personal flying alone is gigantic.”

He’s atoning for his climate sins by purchasing plant-based aviation fuel, switching to an electric car, using solar panels, and buying carbon credits to the tune of $7 million per year.

Gates’ climate pivot is getting a full-court media press. As Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News writes:

Bill Gates has been lauded as the man to “save the world” and help the planet reach zero carbon emissions in a new report by Wired Magazine, despite such standards not being reflected in the billionaire philanthropist’s own lifestyle.

The article investigates how Gates plans to achieve a “zero carbon” world and promotes his new book which argues “it’s time we make real societal, economic and logistic changes to our way of life to avoid disaster.”

According to Gates, the planet needs to reach zero carbon emissions in order to “avoid catastrophe.”

Gates’ efforts to reduce CO2 emissions may have an environmentalist sheen, but that goal also risks reducing living standards in the west, something that Gates isn’t likely to embrace for himself.

As has been previously noted, while Americans are being told that the dream of owning private property is over under a future ‘Great Reset’, Gates and other billionaires have been buying up huge amounts of farmland.

Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in America, according to a Forbes report.

While the mainstream media continues to champion Gates’ influence, he has received harsh criticism elsewhere.

As we highlighted last week, Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, wrote a comprehensive report accusing Gates of engaging in neo-feudalism.

Kennedy warns that, “To cloak his dystopian plans for humanity in benign intentions, Gates has expropriated the rhetoric of “sustainability,” “biodiversity,” “good stewardship” and “climate.”

He also accused Gates of attempting to monopolise and dominate global food production, labeling it “a dark form of philanthrocapitalism based on biopiracy and corporate biopiracy.”

Kennedy was subsequently banned by Instagram after his report was published.

As was highlighted earlier, pro-Gates messaging has also found its way into children’s television programming.

*  *  *

Does Gates have a plan to force the rest of the world to adopt his vision?

Bill Gates should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity for every adverse reaction and death that were the results of his experimental vaccines.  Instead the world parades him around as though he is some sort of savior and humanitarian when nothing could be further from the truth.

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